Can we possibly find a PR recruit without a job ad?

Over at Edelman Melbourne towers we decided to have a crack today at finding a new senior account exec through the shareability *punches self in face for idiocy* of a renovated job description. Here’s hoping it pays off – the dull-arse ads usually run for PR jobs suggest that if nothing else it was worth the investment of time for the creative exercise…

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Number 95: Do a charity project

I haven’t really started this section of the blog yet, but when it comes to ticking off goals for the year, this is a pretty good place to start, methinks.

And it comes off the back of a trip to Bangkok last week, as part of Edelman’s (employer) ongoing training program. For more on that go visit the work blog (not yet, I haven’t written that post just yet); this post is about Camillian Home, the phenomenal initiative of Father Giovanni Contarin, an Italian Priest who has worked hand in hand with Thailand’s poor over the past 25 years. Here’s a picture of our team hard at work…ok, getting out of breath doesn’t exactly qualify but still:

Camillian Home is a residence and day centre providing home, education and specialist care for young, HIV-positive orphans.

A full-time staff of caretakers, physical therapists and a registered nurse work together to give these kids a reason to smile and laugh every day, no matter how severe or complicated their conditions are.

Seriously, you have to click on the website and take a look for yourself, which is why I’m making it nice and convenient for you to find right here. Have a hunt around and see if you can find any of these examples of our work:

Bit of a beach theme going on over here at the left.

The other thing you should do, and yes, I’m going to give a company plug here, is go and investigate Bamboo Difference, the training company that ran our session

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Muir’s Two Laws of the Internet: revisited

A while ago, back in a former life, where I lived in a colder place but had more free time, I started a post with the words: “One day I’m going to write a book…”.

That post was all about Muir’s Two Laws of the Internet (also referred to by those in the know as “Muir’s Laws” but we like to use the full version the first time we make reference in a new post. Mainly for Google’s sake.

Now, due to the fact you can’t find this post unless you know what to look for, I’ve decided to replicate The Laws here for those of you who are two lazy to click the link. Also, this way, the knowledge won’t be lost forever in the event my former employer manages to bury the original post under the overwhelming thud factor of some quite good original content.

Muir’s Laws:

Law 1:

Have good content.

Law 2:

Don’t be a ****.

That’s it. If you follow these two Laws to the letter (or asterisk), you can’t go too far wrong with your online communication. In fact, you’ll probably get through life pretty well also. Now go click on the link above to read the original post.

Those of you who have ever bothered to click on my 101in365 list will also be aware that achieving international notoriety for Muir’s Laws is right there on the list, so do me a favour and retweet this will ya?

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Experimental mobile posting

Messing about here with the nifty little WordPress app for iPhone.

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A “to do” list par excellence

Having spent most of my life painfully inept at the natural progression of turning an idea into an action, I’ve decided to take a leaf from numerous self-help books and publicly commit to things in 2011. The idea being that fear of failure is probably a greater motivator than the possibility of success.

I think that’s particularly true for anything where the success is highly personal and there’s no bigger picture involved for the human race. I mean, really, will the world be better off if I can cook my own lasagne? (the answer is: probably not)

So with the help of the increasingly popular website, I’ve cobbled together a bunch of stuff that the next 12 months will hopefully see me achieve.

Failing that, it’ll give me something to write about, regardless of whether anyone reads it or not, thereby checking off item number 49.

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Dipping a toe

Righto. Well, I’ve finally bitten the bullet, and visited the lovely people over at to get this beast set up and in some form of motion. Due to the ridiculous volume of weekend work that’s about to be pounded out from my stable table, it’s probably going to be a few days at least before some halfway interesting content starts to turn up here. But at least now there’s a home for the grantsmith8 moniker, meaning that just like Whitlock, millions of web boffins can now start asking: “why 8?”. In the meantime, here are some interesting people to follow on Twitter:






And yes, I did deliberately link to Twitter in my first post because I know somewhere in the world that will be link bait enough for someone.

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